This is where I'm supposed to spawn a list of accolades and achievements in the third-person in hopes of convincing you to stick around for longer than 9 seconds, but you'd see through all that.

Truth is, I'm just a man—a boy, really—a lost soul. So if you're looking for my credentials, go to hell; they're all on file there.

I'm not trying to be mean. Rather, I'm kicking against my own tendency to construct a marketable image. I've come to believe that when we attempt to define ourselves, we limit our capacity for being. So this About page really isn't about me. It's about what I've learned so far in trying to become "me."

There's an old argument that goes something like this: one side argues you must find yourself, while the other says no, you must create yourself.

It's a false argument. In my experience, creation is a process of discovery. So don't ask which comes first.

Here's the thing. We all, to some degree, have a sense of self. Intuitively, we feel that there is not just something unique about ourselves, but that there is something unique inside us. However, if you're like me, you've also felt completely empty, because that sense of self is a slippery, transient thing when explored.

From my view, an honest search for oneself reveals nothing. It seems that who we are, as individuals, has less to do with whatever might cause that sense of identity, and more to do with being the cause. How do you do that? You act. Blindly. On faith.

But here's the kicker: It is in the acting, in the blind choosing of a life, in the surrendering to a personal cause, that something is discovered or found, as if it was always there.

So that's what I'm doing—surrendering. In short, the work you see here is one aspect of my becoming. It's explorations of the self (or lack thereof). That's the best I can tell you.

Oh, and my name's Ryan Trimble. Thanks for reading.