Free Casino Slots – Take Advantage of Cleopatra Slot Machines

When you start to play craps, one of the first places you will hit is at one of the Cleopatra slot machines. You know, of course, that Cleopatra is just another example of a slot machine manufacturer using their name and their history to market their product. The history of Cleopatra slot machines really has to do with a man named Zeppo Gold.

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Gold was a merchant who actually ran two business ventures. He actually went from house to house with gold bars, all the while racking up millions of dollars, in an effort to make it so that he could buy his way into the U.S. presidency. Gold was being illegally smuggled out of Mexico and Gold’s exploits caused a lot of people to ask him to stop smuggling the gold and simply store it. Instead, he started gold mining in Australia, which eventually led to the disastrous gold rush in California.

Gold had run out of places to hide his gold so he decided to let it drop from his hands so that he would be caught and eventually go to jail. So, he sold all of his stocks to a group of investors. This allowed them to take a bunch of stocks away and put them on a ship called the RMS Titanic, bound for New York City.

Now, there were already a few machines in New York that you could play at with your penny slots. However, these were generally all rigged and were cheating in the way that they were ‘luring’ players into going over the line, in hopes of either raking in large amounts of money or just luring as many people into the game as possible.

However, this group of investors wanted to make a big splash and create a new form of gambling for the city and for all of the people of New York. They needed something that would be a once-in-a-lifetime gambling experience. They needed Cleopatra slot machines.

Since the games for these machines were strictly for twenty-one cents, anyone who played the machine with the jackpot on it would become the richest person on the planet. If they won the jackpot, they would walk away with a fortune of one hundred thousand dollars. That’s why many people thought of the machines as “free to play” since they were considered very lucky to win a large amount of money every time they played.

In fact, the jackpot for the machines actually doubled after it was first released. This became a bit of a problem for the early mechanics in the area, since they had trouble keeping the money coming in. Eventually, however, the situation was made better by the advent of mass media and the creation of the internet.

There are now thousands of Cleopatra slot machines around the world, many of which are very profitable indeed. It is safe to say that the designers of the machines have been paid a lot of money for the use of their name and history, but the money really didn’t go to Zeppo Gold. It was all payback for the company that first released the machines to the public and brought them down to where they are today.