Marlon V. Gaines

Canon A1 | Tri-X

This is Marlon V. Gaines. We met outside a film studio in Salt Lake City.

Marlon is 57 years old. Three years ago he left a career in Alaska making $80,000 per year as a pipe welder, a career he'd been in for 32 years; he decided to live his dream, and set his sights on a career in film.

Today he makes less money, but he is immersed in the film industry, and he's happy. When I asked him his thoughts on his journey so far, he said, "It's better than I could've imagined. Had you asked me three years ago what I thought I'd accomplish, I would've sold myself short. I wouldn't have believed that I would do some of the work that I have."

Then Marlon gave me a strong handshake, and I walked on thinking, "If only everyone could spend ten minutes with a 57-year-old living his dream."

It's never too late.

Here is a clip of Marlon in action: