If one were to pick anyone up at random and study him intensely enough in all the ramifications of his life, we would get the whole story of man.
— Joe Gould

My goal is to illuminate uncommon individuals and locales through extended profiles and film photographs. I want to explore and expose the craggy and shadowy edges and depths of the people and places I'm drawn to. I want to mediate moments of intimacy. And I'm asking for your support.

For the past two years I have spotlighted people in small detail. I've relayed stories with a single portrait and whatever insights or quotes I've been able to garner in a fifteen- to ninety-minute conversation. But that is not my ultimate aim.

My ultimate aim is to blend long form profile journalism and artistic portraiture, to bring to you a personality in rich detail, to facilitate an immersive experience. I want to conjure not the history of a place, but a sense of its history, an appreciation and awe for whatever stories might hover there. To do this I need to spend more time on the road, in rare spaces and with my subjects—days, weeks, perhaps months?—and that requires money.

Most profile journalists today work for news publications and cover celebrities, newsmakers, politicians, and the like. Of course, there are outlets that feature local characters and obscure communities, too, but this is not the norm. And of those publications, most of them treat stories with a voiceless, third-person reportorial style. that do What I'm trying to say is that finding a job as a profile journalist is, I imagine, difficult. Particularly if you want to pick your own subject to profile.

PS. Rather than relying strictly on prose to illuminate a person, I try to make photographs that can stand on their own. If you find my portraits compelling or emotional but aren't inclined to become a contributor, consider buying one of my limited edition prints.